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Fence Repair Made Easy

By on July 19, 2014

If a cattle drive or stampede has left your corral with a few broken boards, here’s an easy way to fence repair — and match the old boards, so nosey dudes will never notice.

The secret is to find an old fence board that’s in good shape and is hidden back out of sight. Take it off and bring it up front where everybody can see it. To remove it, just hammer a punch into the nail heads with a hammer. That will countersink it so it can be drilled. Using a 3/16-inch bit, drill through the nail head; then use a crowbar to pry off the fence boards. The old nail heads will pop right off. Use some scrap wood under the crowbar to protect your wood. Remove the old nails or drive them in deep, and reuse the nail holes in the old fence boards. Finally, install the new boards back out of sight where the old original ones were taken out. The old corral will be looking good as new! 

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