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Father’s Day: What to Get Dad This Year?

By on June 18, 2015
Father toolkit

The clocking is ticking and Fathers Day is fast approaching. Still not sure what to get Dad? If you’ve already given him all the ties, socks, belts and golf balls he’ll ever need, then maybe its time to take a new approach.

If your Dad likes to tinker out in the workshop and considers himself the household (and neighborhood) “Mister Fix-It,” it’s time to step up to the plate and get him what he’ll really appreciate: think “tools.”

We too are tool and gadget kind of guys, and here are some items we’ve seen recently that caught our interest (Okay family, pay attention):

For starters, if you’ve ever learned a few new words while watching Dad trying to undo a bolt or nut that’s been rounded off, then here’s an answer he’ll truly appreciate and he’ll thank you again and again for providing an easy answer.

Grip-Tite™ Super Sockets are absolutely the best method for removing rounded bolts and nuts. Created by Better Tools & Fasteners, they remove rusted, damaged and severely rounded bolts and nuts with ease – where other sockets would just spin. Available in inch and metric sizes, standard length and deep wells and in a variety of multi-piece sets; they hold and capture bolts and nuts – even in hard-to-reach places, where fingers won’t fit. Super Sockets are made from the highest quality high strength alloy steel and are guaranteed for life. Winner of Popular Mechanics Magazine Best New Product Award and available at Sears stores. $25 to $89. (www.mygriptite.com)

Another handy item is the Level Best2, by SLK Development Group. It is a four-in-one multi-purpose tool that accurately measures, levels, squares and plumbs all at the same time. It’s essentially a square that contains two bubble levels – one on each leg of the square. Previously, you would need multiple tools to achieve the kind of results this tool provides. It is a “must have” for lots of DIY-Dad projects – from big stuff, like building stairs or installing of doors and window frames to every day smaller tasks, like putting up shelves or hanging a picture frame. Proudly made in the USA, there are three sizes; (6”, 12” and 30 cm metric) and four colors – yellow, pink, violet and blue. We think most dads might prefer the yellow or blue. At $12.95 to $19.95, they’re a great addition for any toolbox. (www.levelbest2.com)

We also spotted the nifty LED lighted Mechanical Pick-Up by General Tools at the recent National Hardware show in Las Vegas. Mechanical pickup tools are invaluable when you’ve dropped a tiny screw behind something or a diamond ring into the sink’s garbage disposer. A slender 24–inch flexible shaft that snakes though tight places features a bright LED on the end. It illuminates what you’re after as you push the thumb control up top and open the retrieval claw down below. Help Dad save the day, again and again. $12.95 (www.generaltools.com)

Think Dad might like a close and nick-free shave? It doesn’t get any better than shaving in the shower. If the Dad in your family is like us and likes to shave in the shower, he’ll love the Fog Free Shower Mirror from the folks at ShowerTek. What sets this baby apart from other shower mirrors is a unique copper coil system that utilizes a small amount of water from the shower to heat the mirror and prevent it from fogging up. In addition, there are no suction cups to fail – been there, done that. The unit mounts inline with the shower goose neck and shower head using a 5-inch flexible, stainless steel neck. The mirrors are 6-inches in diameter and include both single and two-sided models with 1x to 3x magnification. It’s attractive, easy to install and even has a nifty razor hanger! By the way, Mom will like this one too as it’s great for removing make-up in the shower. Worried about using too much water by shaving in the shower? ShowerTek has the answer with their Green Choice low-flow shower head that allows water pressure control via a built-in knob, which ranges from “pause” to “full flow” settings. The mirrors range in price from $39 to $99. The Green Choice shower head has a suggested MSRP of $24.95. (www.showertek.com)

Maybe your Dad is already pretty well set in the tool and gadget department. If so, then you might also consider getting him some handy “insider” information, in book and manual form, from the extensive Readers Digest Online Bookstore. There, under “Home Improvement,” you’ll find lots of know-how on everything from illustrated building projects to step-by-step fix-it-yourself tutorials. Lots of titles and a great resource for Dad’s workshop. (www.readersdigeststore.com). Also available in bookstores everywhere. And don’t forget our helpful books too: Home Maintenance for Dummies, Home Remodeling for Dummies and Home Improvement All-in-One for Dummies (couldn’t resist the plug).

This year, help make your Dad the number one “fix-it guru” at home and most popular guy on the block. Then, when something needs building, or it breaks or a neighbor calls for help – watch Dad beam as he springs into action with some of the latest tools, gadgets and project know-how. (Again, hope our family reads this too).

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