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Extra Garage Storage Space

By on March 3, 2014

“Batman” made its TV debut in 1966 with the dynamic duo fighting crime in Gotham City and righting wrongs. A wrong you can right is insufficient garage storage space.

You probably need a place to store long stuff like lumber, trim, poles, and rakes. Cast your eyes upward and look overhead. Not for the bat signal way up in the sky, but rather to that often overlooked place. It’s that 2- or 3-foot open strip that runs wall-to-wall just above the garage door. “Pow!” you say. It’s totally wasted space, open and available for all sorts of stuff.

Add big hooks on every upright stud about 16 inches apart, spanning all the way across, wall-to-wall. Then lay in lengths from about 2 feet up to 16 feet or more, as your garage width permits.

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