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Energy Management in Your Home

By on May 11, 2014

In 1977 during the oil crisis, President Carter created a government agency to help save energy and taxpayer dollars. Within two months it had 20,000 employees. Some believe it was wasting more money and energy than it could ever hope to save. Maybe you have the same problem at your house. Energy bills are high and something needs to be done — but what?

The answer is knowing where energy go dollars. Sixty percent is heating and cooling and 20 percent is water-heating and refrigeration. Twelve percent is lighting and 8 percent is cooking and, in some homes, two-thirds is wasted energy.

Use air conditioning wisely and heat with care. Get a smart setback thermostat. Wrap your water heater and lower your temperature. Use smaller bulbs and fluorescent ones where you can. Keep on telling the kids “turn off the lights, close the fridge and shut the door.” It works.

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