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Electric Wire Basics

By on August 24, 2015

Workers compensation insurance covers on-the-job injuries. It covers medical expenses, compensation for time lost from work, and even retraining in a new vocation should impairment preclude the injured worker from continuing in the same field. Some trades must pay more for their insurance than others do. That’s because some trades are more risky than others are. They experience more accidents, and therefore have more claims. So, having said that, here’s the question: which of the following listed trades is the riskiest and therefore has the highest worker’s compensation insurance rates? Is it heating, carpentry, plumbing, electrical or roofing?

As we see it, electrical wiring is nothing more than a bunch of fancy extension cords. They run through walls, floors and ceilings connecting lights, plugs and switches to make our paths brighter and our lives easier. Think about it. When was the last time you cleaned your carpets by hand? Do you have a blender, an electric coffeepot or an electric washing machine?

For some shocking reason most folks are terrified of electricity. Think electricity and immediately we conjure up thoughts of Dr. Frankenstein and his inimitable seven-foot-tall monster. You know the scene, where the storm sends savage bolts of electrically charged lightning from one end the doctor’s laboratory to the other.

Electricity should be dealt with carefully, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Working with sheetmetal or glass can be a disaster. A minor accident can mean a serious laceration. With carpentry a slip of the wrist can mean a smashed thumb. With roofing one slip can mean almost certain injury or even death. Especially if the roof is two-stories tall! With electricity – as long as the power has been turned off – there isn’t much you can do to hurt yourself. O.K., so you can get tangled in the wire – big deal!


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