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Easy Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

By on December 13, 2014
Tips on Hanging Christmas Lights

If you haven’t hung your lights yet here are a few tips from the experts

What are the best lights to use?

Commercial grade lights are the best to use. They are manufactured with a higher gauge of wire and a better quality bulb.

Are the new led lights better and why?

Yes, they are much better in our opinion. They use far less energy (5- 6 times less) and will last for years. They are much easier to install due to the fact that you can run a large amount off of one outlet. They are extremely durable as compared to incandescent lights. Most of our installers prefer to use LED lights as much as possible.

The only drawback is that LED lights are considerably more expensive than incandescent lights. Sometimes they can be as much as 4-5 times the cost.

Should they be certified for exterior use? Yes, when decorating outside you should only use lights that are certified for exterior use.

What are some tips for the “perfect installation?

The perfect installation starts with design, planning and organization. First, do a walk around of the house and decide what you would like to decorate. Then create a list of what materials you think you will need in order to complete your display. It is always a good idea to order a little extra. You will also want to determine how many (and which) outlets you plan to use for power. We sell all of the commercial lights and electrical accessories that are needed to complete any residential or commercial display.

We recommend that you make all of your extension cords yourself so that you can custom cut them to the exact length that you need (this will save time and money). SPT-2 lamp cord can be purchased by the spool, as well as male plugs and female sockets.

When hanging your lights use clips whenever possible. This will result in a secure installation and ensure a quick and easy removal. If needed you can staple lights along the fascia board of the house but this will result in extra time spent during removal.

Lastly, it is a good idea to put everything on timers. This is a lot easier than turning the lights on and off each day.

Do you sell the lights to your customers when you do an installation?

No, our service is all inclusive. We provide all of the lights and necessary materials. We install the lights, take care of any service issues and remove the lights after New Years.

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