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Easy Coverup and Repair on Veneer Edges

By on December 30, 2013
veneer tape repair

Building something out of plywood — like a bookcase or a table for the old ranch house? But you hate looking at those ugly layered veneer edges? (Everybody does.) There’s an edge coverup to repair veneers on the market today that uses the heat from an iron (the kind you use for pressing clothes) to make a special kind of tape stick to the edges. It looks just like fine wood and hides ugly plywood edges that are ruining all of your fine handiwork. So, mosey on down to your local hardware store or woodworking specialty shop, and rustle up a roll or two of this flexible veneer. (It’s back-coated with heat-sensitive glue and is available in a couple of different “logical” widths.) Then heat up the branding iron. Remember partners, there are no nails needed — it works with heat and glue. Round some up and brand it on.

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