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Easy Cleaning Tips

By on March 27, 2016

Spring is a great time to tackle many home and garden projects which have been on the back burner while anticipating fair weather. The pleasant feeling of curling up to a cozy fire during the chilly months invariably turns into cabin fever by the time spring rolls around.

It is at this same time that many of us realize that we are so surrounded by clutter that it’s even a chore to navigate around the house. The garage, basement or carport may be filled to the rafters with many items that would be best suited for a local charity rummage sale. A maze of cobwebs, a buildup of soot, dust-laden upholstery and window coverings and windows which virtually can’t be seen through are just a few of the many reasons that folks from coast to coast roll up their sleeves to do battle with the “dirt dragon”, more affectionately called “Spring Cleaning”. Cleaning is one of the least expensive forms of home maintenance. Shiny, clean surfaces look better and actually last longer. And, with a regular maintenance and cleaning program your house will be easier to keep up. In the long run, it will also be worth more when the time comes to sell.

However if you’re moving into a new home, it is often one of the most exciting and stress-provoking times of anyone’s life. However, it’s also a time when we find ourselves overwhelmed with work to do. The best thing to do is to schedule a move out cleaning services to help alleviate some of the stress associated with this milestone and get your new home cleaned and ready quickly.

Historically, the warmer spring weather was the time to open the home after the long winter months. This was necessary to remove the soot accumulation around the house resulting from wood and coal burning stoves. Each year, carpets, draperies and other items were subtly darkened and dirtied by these heat sources, forcing entire households to air themselves out after being shut-off from fresh air during cooler weather. Spring cleaning to most meant carrying mattresses and rugs outside for a solid beating. Curtains came down and windows, cupboards, closets, walls and woodwork were sanitized inside and out.

While this laborious process may still be true for many, thanks to cleaner burning heating systems and more efficient home ventilation the scope of work is not quite as intensive.

Spring cleaning is a tradition in this country, so much so that one would think that our government would consider creating a Monday holiday to honor this integral part of Americana. For most of us this would provide a much needed extra day to complete one of our single greatest annual household undertakings. Well, it’s not likely that our lawmakers are going to enact such legislation in the near future, therefore, we propose that you simplify matters by taking heed to a few spring cleaning hints that we’ve picked up over the years.

First, don’t be overwhelmed by the overall scheme of things. Have a family meeting a devise a plan which outlines, in detail, who will do what. It is best to divide the project into areas and functions. For example, each member of the family should be assigned an area. Each family member can be responsible for his bedroom. For families with young children, the task may be best left to an adult. Even older children should have adult supervision especially when sifting through closets and dresser drawers for items which can be discarded. Unfortunately, for many teenagers this process doesn’t work because they tend to save only the articles which parents believe should be the first to go. Oh well.

Select a space where all discarded items can be temporarily stored until the local charity service can send someone over to pick them up. The secret to a successful cleaning program is to handle items minimally. For example, a stack of electronic equipment will need to be pulled out of a cabinet in order for the electronics to be dusted and the cabinet cleaned. The equipment will then need to be replaced. It’s helpful to have a small portable table, such as a card table, which can be used throughout the house to temporarily set things on while cleaning an area. You might also consider hiring a dumpster rental service for your dumpster rental needs.

When cleaning a bookshelf have a box at hand in which to pack unwanted books. Once finished, the box can be toted to the holding area until all of the unwanted goods can be carried off. Moreover, it’s helpful to have several storage boxes on hand to accommodate items which you no longer want in the home, but that you’re simply not willing to part with. Sturdy small and medium-sized boxes work best. Once full it won’t be too heavy to carry and boxes of a uniform size are more easily stacked and stored. Old newspapers (preferably none containing this column) serve as great packing material to avoid breakage. A roll of box tape is a must to keep the preserve the contents and keep it dust free.

Tough tasks such as window washing and bathroom cleaning which frequently involve the use of chemicals and lots of elbow grease should be reserved for an adult with the proper tools. And even adults should be mindful of safety. Safety goggles, rubber gloves and plenty of ventilation are basic ingredients when working with chemical cleaning products in the home. You may check out this online commercial cleaning supply store and similar stores to buy your cleaning supplies in bulk.

In all cases work from the top down. Dusty walls and ceilings, dingy light fixtures and door and window trim should be tacked before other elements of the space. Windows, closets and furniture are next. Window and floor coverings should be held off last. This may include floor stripping, carpet cleaning and polishing.

The kitchen, laundry and bathrooms should be tackled before other spaces since they will generally require significant activity which involve traversing other spaces throughout the house.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to dust the top ledge of all doors!

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