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Earthquake Preparedness Month

By on March 5, 2014

You hear rumbling and your house begins to shake. No matter where you live, the cause could be an earthquake. Today you’ll learn how to prepare for a quake.

Think it’s just a California problem? The first big recorded U.S. quake (in 1886) covered 2-million square miles and took 100 lives. And it happened on the East Coast. So, no matter where you live, be prepared.

Locate main controls for water, gas and electricity, and know how to shut them off quickly. Keep a three-day supply of drinking water per person. And keep candles, batteries and canned food in supply. Secure things that could shake loose or fall such as water heaters or heavy bookcases.

Simple things, like a battery-operated radio, could be lifesavers. April is National Earthquake Preparedness Month. Be prepared!

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