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Dust Catcher

By on January 4, 2014

How to get “rid” of dust and “collect” it at the same time!

“I Love Lucy” aired in 1951 and featured Lucy getting into trouble for the first time. In one episode she decided to sand and repaint the kitchen cabinets. She seemed to have done everything right at first, covering the floors and counters before sanding and setting up a window fan to draw out the dust. This worked well, sending the dust outside instead of throughout the Ricardo household. Seemed like a great idea, until Fred and Ethel pounded on the front door complaining that the dust was blowing into their next-door apartment. Moments later, Ricky stormed in, screaming that the particles were blowing all over his shiny, clean car. “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do.” When they left, Lucy pondered the problem.

Going to the garage, she picked up a furnace filter. Inside, she placed it in front of the window fan, where it would trap the dust before it blew outside. She then completed her work without dusting the neighborhood. Ricky later said, “Lucy, splain to me how you did that.”

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