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Drywall Fasteners

By on July 28, 2014
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Californians know all about good wall fasteners to hold pictures, mirrors and heavy cabinets in place. But you don’t have to live in earthquake country to want to keep things where they belong. The right wall anchor is all it takes. The secret lies in choosing one designed for the weight it’ll be holding.

For light stuff an adhesive surface hanger or hook type with a nail angled into the drywall will do.

For heavier loads, there are many to choose from. Molly screws draw metal shoulders up inside the wall as a bolt is turned. Toggle bolts have spring-loaded wings that pop open when pushed through and then tighten up. Plastic toggle bolts also have wings that open up when tightened; various metal, fiber or plastic expansion anchors go through the drywall and end up spread apart inside to hold securely when a screw is tightened.

For heavyweight anchors, drill a pilot hole and tap the anchor into place with a hammer. Make sure the anchor you choose is the one you should use.

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