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Dryer Lubrication Warning

By on January 3, 2014

Be careful — or your lube job could go BOOM!

Mary Shelley wrote the first do-it-yourself book in 1818. “Frankenstein” demonstrated how easily a project could go wrong when fired up by a blast of electricity. Today, if your do-it-yourself project is to fix a noisy gas or electric dryer, take care; danger might seriously lurk.

Got a dryer that screeches when you run it? Think a little lubrication might quiet it down? Be careful if you do, or your lube job could produce a big KA-BOOM! Here’s why: If you open it up, and turn it on to see what’s squeaking, and give it a shot of spray lubricant, look out! When the dryer’s electric element or gas igniter fires up, you could be in for a big surprise — such as a fireball that could, at the very least, singe your hair and eyebrows. It could even remove some walls! Instead: Open it up; turn it on; locate the problem; and turn it off. Then spray on the lubricant and wait awhile before checking to see if it worked.

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