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Drinking Water When It Matters Most

By on March 25, 2014

Natural disasters come without warning, and survival depends on thinking ahead and knowing what to do during and immediately afterward. One of the most important things you’ll need after a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or flood is a good supply of fresh drinking water in case tap water is cut off or contaminated. Plan ahead.

Keep bottled water on hand, making sure it’s accessible, dated and changed every six months. If you’re caught off-guard, there are many options for emergency drinking water.

One is your hot-water heater. Turn everything off and carefully open the faucet at the bottom. Other sources are toilet tanks, melted ice cubes and juices in canned foods.

Do not drink swimming-pool water or spa water. It is often highly contaminated, and never safe to use as drinking water. If you have to purify water that’s polluted or contaminated, strain it first to remove any sediment or matter. Then boil it for five minutes or treat it with 8 drops of liquid bleach per gallon. We take drinking water for granted, until we need it. Be smart and plan ahead.

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