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All Drill Bits Not Alike

By on March 12, 2014

A drill can make light of a project that might otherwise be impossible. Choosing the correct drill bit is important. No one bit is proper for all tasks. For example: A bit made to drill metal can also be used to drill wood. However, a bit made to drill wood cannot be used to penetrate metal. A drill bit made to pierce ceramic tile also can be used to drill into mortar or concrete, but isn’t any use on wood. So remember, choosing the right bit depends on what must be drilled.

Drill bits can be used for mortar, concrete, glass, wood, drywall, plastic ceramic tile and more. A spade bit is used for surfaces like drywall and wood. A carbide tipped twist bit is used for brittle surfaces like stone, mortar, brick and concrete. A high carbon steel plain tipped twist bit is used for steel, aluminum, copper and other metals. A “v” tipped twisted bit is used for plastic block and plastic sheeting

Of course, there are other bits as well. An adjustable drill bit is available for wood that will cut up to a three-inch hole. For large holes in wood, plaster, metal and concrete a hole-saw is the tool to look for. When you get ready for your next drilling project remember that you have choices and that the correct bit will make everything a lot easier.

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