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Drain Pans-a-must

By on January 3, 2014

If your washing machine or water heater is old and weak, read on

Is your washing machine or water heater old and weak? A potential mess just waiting to leak? Those nifty new products you see in new construction model homes often take years to hit the remodel and repair market, and when they do arrive, homeowners are often just as slow to buy them and to include them in their plans.

One such idea available now that’s often overlooked are drain pans that go under clothes washers and water heaters that can catch and drain water leaks to the outside. If a water heater is located anywhere other than the basement, drain pans are a must. Damage resulting from such a leak can often cost more than buying a new appliance. So, when it comes time to replace one or both appliances, include drain pans in your purchase. If either sits upstairs in your home today, be aware they present a potential leak and mess. It’s best to add braided, stainless water hoses, too.

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