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Drain In My Lavatory Running Slow

By on August 1, 2015
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Question: The drain in my lavatory was running slow, so I used Drano to clear it up. It worked okay for a couple of days, but then started to get slow again. Is there a home remedy I can use? (Eunice, Paris MO)

Answer: Commercial products such as Draino should be more effective than any household remedy. Look at the ingredients of the type you used – there are newer types that use enzymes, which are less effective than the old types, which were made of pure lye. Look for a product such as Red Devil, often available at hardware stores and home centers, that is made of pure lye. Your clog could be caused by grease or hair build-up in your P-trap. Try removing the P-trap to clean it. When reinstalling, buy new washers, replace the P-trap, screw in with your hand first and tighten only slightly – less than a quarter of a turn – using pliers. By the way, don’t use anything in a septic system unless you are positive no harm will be done. Lye will harm a septic system. It is better to hire experts in septic system inspections as they have the equipment needed for this task.

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