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Dos and Don’ts of Hardwood Flooring

By on May 11, 2014

Hardwood flooring can be glued, nailed or left floating. However, in some instances the method of adhesion is determined by the type of hardwood flooring being covered.

For example: plank flooring should not be glued to concrete. This is because there can be enough moisture in concrete to cause plank flooring to twist and buckle. On the other hand, the small pieces of material that are used to make parquet flooring are not readily affected by moisture, and that is why parquet is recommended for use over concrete. In kitchens, regardless of the type of floor that exists, finished-in-place, square-edge material should be used. The square edges eliminate grooves that become food traps, and when a hardwood floor is finished, seams and joints are protected from water spills.

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