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Everything About Purchasing A Garage Door

By on September 19, 2015
choosing a garage door

For most of us our home is the single largest investment that we will ever make. When using the word “investment”, we not only refer to the economic aspect of home ownership, but the emotional investment as well. It is for these reasons that home improvement, a 120 plus billion dollar per year industry, is right up there with baseball as one of America’s greatest pass times.

Making upgrades to the home will not only improve its value, it can add comfort and make it a more pleasant place in which to spend time. Studies have shown that projects ranging from a fresh coat of paint to enhanced natural lighting can have a profoundly positive emotional effect on home dwellers.

Safety is another primary reason for making home improvements. Locks on cabinet doors to avoid scrunched little fingers, a spark arrester at the chimney to prevent a roof fire, or a life-saving carbon monoxide detector are a few examples of some of the more common safety upgrades.

A winning home improvement is one that embodies all three; value, comfort and safety. One such improvement is a new garage door. A garage door can account for 40% or more of a home’s exterior. Consequently, it can have a significant impact on the curb appeal of a home and hence its value. Curb appeal is what real estate professionals cite as an essential in generating a buyer. Even if your not selling, a garage door can do wonders for your home’s appearance.

When should you replace your garage door? Take a good look at it. Does it sag when it’s raised? Does it scratch or drag when it is raised or lowered? Is it split, dented or rusted? Is it safe and secure? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time painting and repairing your existing door? Do you need a garage door spring repair technician? These are just a few of the most popular reasons for door replacement. However, if it’s only a few years old, a garage door repair technician may still save it.

A modern garage door is far different from the one-piece tilt-up models that were standard equipment with homes that many of us grew up in. We are pleased to report these models are becoming more and more obscure. Sagging, surface delamination and weight, (if you have a tilt-up door you will know exactly what we are talking about), are a few of the reasons that have led to their demise.

Most new doors consist of the sectional roll-up style. And where wood was once the most pervasive textile for door construction, it has been overtaken by more environmentally correct materials that offer better lasting quality such as steel, wood composite, and fiberglass. Not only are these doors built to last longer, they are designed to look better and require less maintenance.

For example, a high-quality sectional garage door, such as one made of steel, will resist sagging. And although steel sounds substantially heavier than wood, with the proper spring system it can be effortless to raise and lower. This, however, isn’t the “weighty” issue that it once was, as industry statistics demonstrate that an increasing number of consumers are including an automatic opener with the purchase of their new garage door. More on openers later.

There’s more. Manufacturers of better doors offer high quality factory finishes to prevent deterioration even in the most foul weather conditions. Insulation for noise attenuation and enhanced comfort is another popular feature that will add slightly to the purchase price, but pay big dividends in comfort and energy savings.

In an effort to enhance a homes’ architecture, door manufacturers are offering a more broad selection of styles and finishes. Flush and raised panel construction, ribbed designs and wood grain texture for a natural look are a few of the choices. You can even dress up the door and give the house a little class with the addition of decorative windows including a leaded-glass look alike. Windows can also be a safety feature. They allow in natural light to illuminate a previously dark path which can prevent a nasty fall, especially when saddled with an armful of groceries.

The purchase of a new garage door is the perfect time to install a new automatic opener. Unless your opener is relatively new and meets all of the current safety regulations, it should not be reinstalled. One of the greatest causes of garage door related injuries is from outdated or faulty openers.

Safety approved openers have highly sensitive devices which cause the door to reverse when it comes into contact with an object. A sensor beam which travels across the door opening prevents the door from operating when there is an object in its path. A new opener can add convenience, safety and security.

Imagine, a garage door constructed of dent-resistant fiberglass with a raised panel wood grain finish that can be stained to look like the real McCoy with none of the maintenance headaches. Add a bit of insulation for comfort and energy efficiency, windows for appearance and natural light, a new opener for convenience and security and what you have is one state-of-the-art garage door. Now that’s a winning home improvement. Then, make sure that you hire a garage door services technician to inspect and repair your garage door to prolong its functional lifespan.

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