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Don’t Wait Until It’s Far Too Late

By on May 14, 2014

You’ve prepared yourself for big disasters — like earthquakes and floods — by storing drinking water and supplies.

But it’s important to prepare for little disasters, too. Don’t wait till a pipe bursts to start looking for a plumber. Don’t wait until power’s out to find an electrician. It’s not the time to open the Yellow Pages and stumble upon a big professional-looking ad. That’s what the guys who charge big bucks for immediate service count on. You’re in a jam and they know it.

Instead (like Boy Scouts) “be prepared.” Plan ahead for various home snafus. Ask neighbors and friends who they use and like. Ask the hardware store people, too. Then start an emergency phone list by category. The good guys are always the busiest, so have them do a small repair first in a non-emergency situation. Then, when big problems occur, you’ll have someone you know and trust; someone who knows you, too.

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