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Don’t “Toast” Your Kitchen With Your Toaster

By on February 22, 2015
Toaster safety

A simple kitchen appliance (once you buy it and plug in the wire) could start a fire when you start to use it. We refer to the kitchen toaster. Not that it will short out, overheat or malfunction.

The danger, rather, comes from perfect operation in the wrong location. Yes, toasters are made to sit and operate on top of the kitchen counter. The problem starts when they operate and heat up directly under kitchen cabinets.

When a combustible material such as wood in kitchen cabinets is heated over and over again, the temperature at which it will ignite and burn is continually lowered. It becomes a tinder box, ready to flare up at a dangerously low point of heating. If your toaster sits under an overhanging cabinet, move it before your kitchen and home are “toast,” too.

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