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Don’t Guess, Drill Pilot Holes

By on May 9, 2014

Drilling pilot holes makes screws go in more easily and keeps your woodwork from splitting. But choosing just the right-size bit, so that screws go in easily — but not so loosely that they lose their grip — is often a hit-and-miss process of “eyeballing” and trial and error.

There is a better way. From deep within the Carey Brothers’ vault of news for screws, we bring this tip for gauging grip — with no slip. To learn how to easily gauge what size pilot hole to drill so screws go in easily, but not loosely, use the drill case that holds your drills in place. Just find the hole that fits the screw (or nail) that you want to drive in. And then, select the next smaller-sized drill bit. Use it to drill your pilot holes. It eliminates eyeballing, testing and guessing.

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