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Disposing of Paint Thinners

By on March 26, 2014
paint thinner recycling


In a recent column on toxics, you not only failed to mention even one place to take solvents or other toxics, you missed the most important point of all, recycling. Paint thinner easily can be reused many times simply by storing it in a metal container and letting the pigments settle out. Wait a couple weeks, pour off the clean thinner on top and you’re back in business!



Thanks for the tip on recycling. We missed that one. However, we didn’t get specific about toxic waste facility locations, because they change from city to city. Our investigation proved that unless you know the name of the toxic waste manager in a given community, finding that person could prove difficult. The reason we told people to call the state EPA is because that’s a good place to start your search.
In the United States, these facilities can also be located through Earth911.com or as we mentioned the Environmental Protection Agency.We have discussed recycling on several occasions. But the truth is, we should refer to it more often. Thanks for the reminder and the tip.

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