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Which Dishwasher is Quietest

By on May 20, 2014
choosing a quiet dishwasher


I’m shopping for a new dishwasher, which one can I rely on for the most quiet operation?



According to Consumer Reports, Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool top the list for quiet operation, but we don’t recommend that you stop there. Add extra insulation as part of the installation of your new work-saver.You’ll need a can of 3M spray adhesive and a small roll of 1″ spun glass insulation (your local heat and air-conditioning contractor will be your best bet in locating the small amount of materials that you’ll need). Follow the instructions on the can of adhesive carefully to achieve a lasting bond. Apply as many layers of insulation to the machine as possible while still allowing it to fit into the cabinet opening. An additional layer applied to the inside surfaces of the cavity in the cabinetry where the dishwasher fits into is also recommended. Consumer Reports Books publishes a handy reference called Guide to Appliances which may help you to get your money’s worth when purchasing most appliances.

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