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Diffuser Panels for your Fluorescent Bulbs

By on June 10, 2014

Got fluorescent lights in your kitchen or bath? About six or eight recessed into a big box, with cheesy old diffuser panels covering them up?

Here’s how to make them look fresh and new — with country scenes and/or skies of blue. You can replace old brittle and yellowing diffuser panels with new acrylic sheets imprinted with any one of hundreds of scenes ranging from trees and flowers to a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. In fact, you can have both or any photo you choose or any favorite work of art scanned and imprinted onto these panels.

The panels then can be placed back overhead or worked into exciting new shapes such as big cove moldings bursting with backlit color that brighten a room. Looking for an unusual way to re-do outdated lights? The colorful new diffuser panels make anything possible.

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