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Detangling Dog Chains/Leashes

By on March 3, 2014

In 1954, Elvis cut his first record. Hips swiveled, girls swooned, parents shook heads and “Hound Dog” became a super hit. Today, if your dog isn’t quite so popular (crying all the time) ’cause he tangles his chain out in the yard, here’s the solution. When pups go round and round, over and over, a simple pivoting tether makes for a happier Rover.

A harness might be an excellent investment if you want to take your dog on excursions like rock climbing or trekking, or even just for a regular walk around your neighborhood. It will take some time to get your dog to be used to wearing a harness, but once they are, you can enjoy pleasant walks and adventures without worrying about your dog pulling or tugging or slipping out of their collar and running away, click here to find the best for your dog breed.

First, take the wheel off a plate-type ball-bearing caster by cutting through the axle with a hacksaw. Then drive a 4×4 wood post firmly into the ground. Screw the plate on top with the swivel facing up.

Then put an axle-sized bolt through one side, and then through the end link in the chain. Secure it with a nut on the other side. It will keep your hound dog running free and the pooch won’t be crying all the time.

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