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Dents and Gouges in Furniture

By on January 4, 2014

Getting steamed makes dents disappear and keeps you from getting steamed!

Nothing ruins the appearance and value of fine wood furniture like an ugly dent or a nasty gouge. Dents are different from gouges because simple dents often can be repaired rather easily. Dents are only depressions in the surface; the wood grain isn’t broken. If it’s only crushed or pushed in, it’s a simple repair. But with gouges, grain might be torn and wood might be missing. A small gouge can be filled with colored wax, wood compound or putty. For a really good match or for a deep gouge, hire a pro finisher, but if it’s just a simple dent try “steaming” it up. Put a drop of water in the dent and cover with a damp cloth. Then apply a hot iron for a few seconds. If the dent is still present, repeat the porocess a few more times. If it doesn’t come up, it’s a gouge.

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