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Deck Protection

By on March 25, 2014

Today’s the halfway point of spring. There’s plenty of time left to enjoy your deck, and still adequate time for weather and sun to damage it. Many people think that treated lumber (commonly used for deck construction) means the wood is “protected” from the elements. But that’s not so.

It’s only protected from insects and mold — not from exposure to weather. The main enemy is sunlight as UV rays slowly deteriorate the wood. But various coatings will keep your deck in good condition. Clear coatings are common, and allow natural wood to show through. They should be renewed yearly

. Semi-transparent and pigmented coatings offer more protection and some color. They should be renewed every two or three years. Paint offers good protection but wears faster than other coatings and needs frequent re-applying. Also be skeptical about manufacturer claims. They’re often based on ideal conditions. Be sure the product you choose blocks UV rays and contains a mildewcide.

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