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Deck Oil 101

By on March 5, 2014
deck finishing with The Carey Brother formula


My cedar deck needs to be refinished. In one of your articles I read about penetrating oil which you recommended for decks. I would like more information as to the specific oil you referred to and where it can be purchased. My deck was installed in 2004 when my house was built. The product used has not satisfied me and your article made sense to me and I would like to have more information. I want to have the proper materials on hand by next spring/summer so it can be done properly.



Cedar or redwood, teak or mahogany; the best oil finish for a wood deck is one that you can make yourself by combining equal parts of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. Mix the two together and stir until combined. Apply one very thin coat using a clean rag. A second coat can be applied if it can be done without causing puddles. For a more protective finish (filters out the sun’s damaging UV rays) add an ounce or two of paint pigment per gallon of our home made deck oil mixture. Of course, do so before you oil your deck – you choose the color. Finally, adding a touch of mildewcide, which can be found in the paint department, will help prevent mildew growth.

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