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Dealing With Poisons and Pesticides

By on April 21, 2014

Many folks annually do battle with pests around the garden. Reckless use of poisonous pesticides can be harmful to your health, your family’s health and the ecosystems of local streams and rivers.

When working with pesticides, wear rubber gloves and protective clothing, and never spray on a windy day. When you’re finished, gloves should be rinsed in the garden, and tainted clothing should be allowed to air-dry in the sun. Simply tossing them in the clothes washer will send pesticides into the sewer and ultimately into fresh water systems.

The same is true when cleaning up spray applicators. They always should be rinsed outside, and not in a sink. Finally, be aware that many pet shampoos contain pesticides. Therefore, when it comes to washing Fido, you’ll want to do it out in the yard instead of in the bathtub.

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