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Danze Melds Modern Day Convenience With Historic Charm

By on September 15, 2017

Eastham Faucet by Danze

Faucets that are being installed in the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen of a renovated turn of the 20th century San Francisco Bay Area home are proof positive that streamlined design, efficiency and affordability can coexist with the historical characteristics of this Craftsman-style California bungalow – dubbed 604 Second Street.

Home improvement personalities, Morris and James Carey and their Carey Bros. Remodeling team accentuated the sinks and showers with faucets from Danze, a leading plumbing manufacturer known for high design. Although two-handled kitchen faucets were popular in vintage homes such as this, the homeowners selected the single-handle Opulence Collection pull-down model, which offers comfort and ease of operation, yet has an eye on the past style wise.  “The Opulence pull-down faucet enables one to literally move the water to the work,” explains vice president of marketing Kevin McJoynt. “Our (faucets) are going to add even more charm to this house.”

And considering this exclusive line of faucets are not available in big box stores, consumers get a felt sense of enjoying unique amenities in their new or refurbished home.

“When homeowners find us, it’s kind of a discovery. It’s an extra win-win that not everyone’s going to stock it,” says McJoynt.

The bathroom faucets and shower valve and head – along with the matching accessories, from towel bar to toilet tissue holder — offer that all-important, refined finishing touch to give the space that sought after historic appeal.

“It’s perfectly united in design; there’s no need to mix and match,” McJoynt adds, describing Danze’s Bannockburn product line.

“I selected products that fit with the era of the home,” says designer Carol Carey. “The faucets were selected for that period feel.”

The menu of available vintage-feeling finishes, from tumbled bronze to satin black, satisfies the aim for creating an historically accurate space.

Danze Opulence Widespread

The home is a catalog order, kit-constructed structure that reportedly was among the roughly 600 bungalows that heralded from the nearby coal and copper mining communities in the early 1900s.

The master bath features both traditional and hand-held showerheads that adhere to stringent California water conservation requirements. The shower valves are manufactured with scald-resistant technology and durable, tight seal ceramic disc valves for dripless performance. The steady stream of water — even at low pressure, at a rate of 2.0 gallons per minute and an optimal 80 pounds per second — has five settings, including a massage feature, with easy to clean jets to avoid mineral deposits.

The detachable hand shower moves up and down a slide bar for ease of use and to accommodate an individual user’s height and preference.

The quarter-turn, lever-style sink faucets are easy to operate – even for those with sensitive joints, according to James Carey. “Danze product is attractive to all ages, but have special appeal to our aging population who have a particular need for comfort and ease”, says Carey.

Parent company Globe Union created its Danze line 18 years ago, in response to market demand for faucets with a high-end design at an affordable price point, McJoynt explains. “We came in with the best of both and our positioning is still relevant today.”

Danze is a sister company with the once family-owned Gerber, which Globe Union later acquired, and which provided the toilets and sinks at 604 Second Street in Brentwood, Calif.

For more information, visit www.danze.com. Follow the progress of the historic renovation by visiting www.604secondstreet.onthehouse.com.

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