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Cut Tile Like MacGyver

By on March 17, 2014

Richard Dean Anderson was born in 1950. On TV he played MacGyver, a clever fellow who could rig anything out of anything. At home, on his own time, he was just as ingenious — such as when he wanted to simply cut tile.

Not about to rent a tile cutter, he went to his workshop, took out a standard glasscutter, metal straight edge and a wire coat hanger. Marking the cuts with a felt-tip pen, he held the glass cutter against the straight edge and scored the cut lines on the glazed surface (making a crackling sound as the scoring wheel sliced across the fire-hardened glaze).

He then laid the coat hanger on the floor. Placing the ceramic tile — glaze side up — (with the scored cut line directly over the wire), he pressed down firmly on both sides. And snap! — the cut was made, as (once again) was his reputation.

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