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Customized Shelf Lighting Changes the Game

By on April 26, 2015

Light Tape® enters DIY market

Lighttape is customizable in size and use

LightTape illuminates spaces and objects.

Illuminating is about the object to be illuminated, not about the light. And light manufacturers spend extra energy trying to develop a product that can be discreetly hidden so the focus is only on the object it’s illuminating. One manufacturer has bypassed that problem by designing a light source that can turn any surface into the light.

With it’s ultra-low profile design at 0.02” thin – as thin as a credit card – and a form factor that allows it to bend around any curved surface, Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation has developed a product that challenges the traditional approach to light design; it is called Light Tape®.

Other kits use preinstalled LEDs in acrylic extrusions limiting you to their available sizes and glare causing hot spots. Because shelving dimensions vary, the Light Tape® lamp is designed to be completely customizable. Coming in varying widths and lengths that can be cut to your specifications, it adapts to your space.

The Light Tape® kit comes with a 4″ wide strip in five different color options – orange, blue, red, green and white – and customizable lengths of 3 or 4 feet. Light Tape strips come pre-connected with our low profile connectors, and our DMX compatible DSD-200 Smart Driver, all proudly made in the USA. Starting at $149.99, you can purchase at

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