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Create Your Own Storm-Drain System

By on January 30, 2014
milk carton for drainage use

Don’t throw away that tired old garden hose. You might be able to use it to make your own storm-drain system in case you get roof leaks. You know how you have to constantly worry about pots and pans overflowing between the time the leak starts and when you finally get someone to help with the repair.

  1. Cut a one-gallon plastic bottle in half, and save the top portion. You now have a funnel.
  2. Next use duct tape to connect one end of the garden hose to the mouth of the bottle. The completed contraption will look like a hospital IV.

When that nasty leak occurs, either hold the funnel under the leak, or tape it to a chair or a ladder to hold it in position. Place the other end of the hose outside of the house. You have created your own storm-drain system and a drip collector that won’t overflow.

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