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Craneboard: A New Prospect

By on March 17, 2014

What’s best for your house? Fiber-cement siding or wood? Is a solid vinyl panel over foam board what’s best for you? More than 1,000 new products were introduced at the recent builders’ expo in Atlanta, but only a few new innovations stole the show.

One was craneboard — solid-core siding — a hybrid product that combines the best of both vinyl and fiber-cement products, and the energy-savings of foam-panel sheathing. It combines a wider-width “triple” profile with thick rigid foam-core backing that give it strength, high-energy efficiency, impact-resistance and favorable noise reduction compared to most other sidings. Both siding and insulation go on as one unit (double-width size speeds up installation, too).

It created a buzz at the builders’ show. It soon will be bringing its pizzazz, easier-installation features and big-time energy conservation to your neighborhood. We’re not saying it’s the best, but it represents new thinking. Watch for craneboard — it’s a good thing.

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