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What to Do About the Crack in Your Pool

By on February 14, 2014
Got a crack in your plaster spa or swimming pool — from ground settling, tree roots, or maybe an earthquake — that now leaks a bit? Until now, problem cracks such as this could only be repaired after first draining the pool and then using a jackhammer to tear out the bad area before resurfacing. Hire a professional to conduct a thorough pool inspection and determine the best solution to repair the damages.
But today, new innovations and technologies allow structural repairs to be made under water. There will be no need to first drain your pool or spa.
Specially formulated epoxy is injected deep into the damaged area under high pressure. It fills and goes through the soil behind, creating a patch and a new support backing four times stronger than the pool’s original material. It is then resurfaced — also under water — and will look as good as new. Today a leaky crack in your pool or spa doesn’t mean a temporary halt to summer fun. Just pick up the phone and call in a pool pro.

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