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Countertop Intelligence

By on February 14, 2014

Every year about this time kitchen and bath dealers and certified kitchen designers put their heads together to decide what’s hot for the two most important rooms in the home. As always, countertops are a key element in creating a successful design. This year, kitchens are getting all sorts of new and exciting work surfaces. Bath countertops are, as well.

The first big news is that laminates have quit trying to mimic other materials like wood and stone. Instead they now have a high-tech look of their own with colors and patterns made for modern homes. The next big trend is the use of more metal, especially stainless steel. Also big is the mixing of many types of materials to achieve a highly personal custom look such as granite tops with tile back splashes and laminate islands with gleaming metal counters. Granite, marble and solid materials still remain big and the latest in cutting-edge counter technology are countertops made out of cement.

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