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Cool Tool Reviews: Portable Table Saw

By on September 15, 2015

Consider us a couple of sponges when it comes to learning anything new about home CoolToolReviewLOGOS300improvement and construction tools. So, when we had the chance to review a pickup load of saws and sanders from Sears Craftsman we couldn’t wait to begin putting each one through its’ paces. By the way, all of the Craftsman tools we are reviewing will be donated to a local school for underprivileged young men and women who are studying construction.


We began by reviewing Sears’ Craftsman “10-inch Portable Job site Saw.” It only took moments after it arrived for us to uncrate and assembled it. Truth be told the task of assembly was as easy as pie. A half dozen pieces bolted together and the saw was ready to use.

The saw’s most unique feature, besides the fact the it is dirt cheap at $299.99, is that it comes with its’ very own one touch folding stand. Thus, making the saw affordable, ultra easy to store and unbelievably easy to transport. One push on a foot pedal and the saw is transformed from a fully operational work horse to a compact power tool on wheels.

The table itself measures an ample 24″ by 21″ and can be expanded to 30″ by 21″. This allowed us to make rips of just over 24″. The control handles for blade elevation and angle are located at the front of the saw. An extra blade, the blade wrench, the rip fence, the miter gauge and the push stick can all be mounted onboard.

The rip fence on this saw is not as beefy as other saws we’ve used, but proved to be more than sufficient for our woodworking tests. We ended up with square, smooth cuts and you just can’t ask for more than that from a table saw.



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