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Cool Tool & Product Review: YARDMAX 28” x 14” Power Sweeper

By on June 30, 2017

Yardmax Power Sweeper

Yardmax Power SweeperWhen it first arrived at our job site, I couldn’t wait to open the box. It was almost as if I was that eight-year old boy shivering with joy just before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

Yep, there it was – my brand spanking new bright orange Yardmax Power Sweeper. I had read all about it long before it had arrived. It touted a 14-inch diameter brush that’s 28-inches wide. Oh yeah, I can’t forget – it has forward and reverse at the touch of a lever. And it turns on a dime. It has a Briggs & Stratton power plant that comes with 9 ½ pounds of torque. What a monster!

We do whole house remodeling, custom homes and room additions. Wherever we work debris is close behind. And the neighbors don’t appreciate it when their streets and sidewalks get dirtied up with our construction mess. So, we spend an awful lot of time sweeping up after ourselves. Believe it or not every Friday on our construction projects is “Tidy Friday.” That’s why this gas driven power sweeper is so important. Now, street, driveway, sidewalk, house walk and patio clean up takes less time than ever and all the debris is collected in a dust catcher – as we clean. Ha! No going back to shovel piles. No more wasted time.

There are three height adjustments, which make the unit great for cleaning snow, dirt, leaves, twigs, gravel and more. Nice! The power sweeper is definitely an all-year-round piece of equipment.

I recently wacked a weed infested two-hundred-foot-long by six-foot wide side yard. I didn’t rake it up – I power swept it. It was over a hundred degrees that day. It took about 20 minutes to make two passes and the side yard was as clean as a pin. I can’t imagine how I would have felt being out there for over two-hours with a rake and shovel.

If you want to save money cleaning your parking lot, your construction site, that long driveway or the street where you live – you need to look into getting your very own Yardmax Power Sweeper. The quality is beyond compare. And the ease of operation is only second to the time it saves cleaning and sweeping the old fashioned way.

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