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Cooking Trends

By on January 3, 2014

Gourmet fare, or no time to spare?

Are you a fan of gourmet fare, or someone with no time to spare? Today you’ll learn the latest in cooking trends. Here’s what’s cooking: Two distinct groups shop in today’s appliance market. First are the growing number of gourmet cooks who like to get involved in the cooking process. The second major group consists of singles and couples with demanding careers, heavy schedules and/or kids.

Representing those with no time to spare, the gourmets eschew convenience features, like timers, programming and digital readouts in favor of gleaming restaurant-quality stainless steel gear. Those with time concerns and pressures want and need as many conveniences as they can get, like refrigerated ovens that keep food cold all day, until a preprogrammed control switches over to the cooking mode.

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