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Construction Defects: Top 10

By on January 4, 2014

Construction is more art than science

Bought a new home? Remodeled a kitchen? A bath? Added a room? A large construction project is a giant jigsaw puzzle, with as many as 10,000 pieces that don’t always come together exactly as they should. Thus, some contractor flubs are to be expected. Here are the top-10 problems to watch for:

First: interior and exterior paint goofs, ranging from wrong colors and poor preparation to skimpy coverage and leaving a mess behind.

Next: drywall cracks (from moisture or settling) and nail heads that protrude above wall surfaces.

The next six all deal with moisture — ranging from leaks in windows, roofs, pipes and basements and crawl spaces (due to bad drainage) to expanded hardwood floor joints due to humidity. Vinyl surface imperfections (due to subfloor seams and nail heads) rate “call-backs,” too. Construction is more art than science.

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