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Concrete Inroads

By on January 4, 2014

How cement is making inroads to many more aspects of house and home!

What’s the latest new product and designer trend for building and remodeling outside and in? The answer is concrete. It’s making inroads to many aspects of house and home. Uses for concrete were once limited to foundations and basement- and garage floors or sidewalks and patios. But that was yesterday. Today, concrete is used everywhere imaginable and in ways never imagined — such as for countertops in both kitchens, and baths. It’s enhanced with acrylic and sealers for smooth and gleaming, tough surfaces with vibrant decorator colors. There are beautiful and durable new concrete floor tiles, too, and new chemical stains with a full palette of permanent color for both new and existing concrete floors. Outside concrete is now added to roofing and siding and molded into long-lasting fence rails in hurricane and tornado states. Entire upscale and lavish homes are poured concrete. What’s next? Doors; bathtubs; furniture… concrete use is unlimited!

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