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Clothes Dryer Update

By on January 3, 2014

Consider giving a new clothes dryer a tumble

Does your clothes dryer leave things damp or over-dried and super-wrinkled? Those are common problems with older dryers. Not only are clothes wrinkled, tangled or damp (and in need of time-wasting hand-ironing), they use far more energy, as well, than new ones do — whether gas or electricity.

One nice feature on newer models is auto-reversing drum rotation that changes back and forth every few minutes to minimize tangling and wrinkling. It speeds up drying and saves energy, too. New moisture sensors work better, too, shutting the dryer down ASAP. This saves energy, prevents over-drying, wrinkling and eliminates the need for touch-up ironing which wastes even more energy and time. Check out what’s new at the appliance store.

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