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Closet Mini-Workshop

By on February 16, 2014

Got an apartment? Tiny house? No basement? No garage? No place for a workshop? You can still be a regular Ms. or Mr. Fix-It.

When you don’t have space for a workshop, clean out a seldom-used, out-of-the-way closet. Line the back and sidewalls with pegboard for lightweight tools and supplies, with a few strong shelves for heavier stuff. Put catch-all drawers under the shelves.

Mount a hinged, drop-down workbench on the back of the closet door with sturdy legs that fold out when lowered. Mount lengths of vinyl rain gutter on the door below the workbench with end caps and lots of dividers for screws, nails and small odds-and-ends. Then just open up and set up shop any time you want to work.

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