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Closet Auger Marks (A Response)

By on April 16, 2014
acetone for cleaning porcelain toilet marks


I had a blockage in my toilet. I purchased, and properly used a closet auger, to unclog the toilet. The auger left marks on my water closet. Can you suggest any remedies? I tried household cleanser and it didn’t work.



We think that you may have rubbed paint into the porcelain. A solvent such as acetone should do the job. The trick to getting the bowl clean is to first get it dry.
Here’s how:
  1. Turn off the toilet water supply valve
  2. Flush the toilet (it won’t refill)
  3. Pour two quarts of water into the bowl (this will reduce the water level even further)
  4. Use a small cup or a couple of absorbent towels to eliminate any water between you and the marks
  5. Dry the surface with a towel
  6. Use the solvent to remove the marks CAUTION: Some solvents will discolor a colored toilet, so test a hidden area first.

We received a response, “Thanks, but I believe the marks are metallic in nature – probably left by a plated (not painted) closet auger finish.” We replied, “If the marks are from metal prepare everything in the same fashion but instead of solvent use a pumice stick dipped in turpentine.” Barry’s response, “Thanks, it worked!”

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