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Clearing Clogs Before They Occur

By on April 25, 2014

Pull out the plunger, pump out the obstruction and clean up the mess. And that’s if the plunger works. Why even consider letting things go that far? Drain clogs don’t happen in a day. They result from long term buildup of fibers and grease all of which can be easily removed with our month cleaner freshener.

You’ll need equal parts of three common household ingredients to make our famous drain freshener and cleaner: • Salt • Baking Soda • Vinegar

First, pour the salt and baking soda into the drain inlet. Next, add the vinegar. It is very important to add the ingredients in the order we have suggested. If not, you could actually clog your drain. After a few minutes, chase with one quart of boiling water.

Do this just before bed about once a month and your drains will be less apt to clog and they will smell fresh and clean.

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