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Cleaning up Water Damage

By on March 25, 2014

The U.S. Weather Bureau opened its doors on this day in 1870. Ironically, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was cut short by rain.

Guess they didn’t see it coming. It is that time of year when winter rains can be heavy and unpredictable, often causing leaky roofs and flash-flooding. If you (like the Weather Bureau) get caught off-guard and wind up with wet floors and soggy carpets, here’s how to handle a “wet emergency”. First use a wet/dry vac to pick up as much as possible. Be careful, as water and electricity don’t mix.

Then peel back the carpet, discard the pad, roll it up (to avoid tearing) and take it outside. Lay it out flat and dry the bottom side first. Then use a fan to dry the floor area. Often carpets can be cleaned and reused, but pads will need replacing. For most, rainy season is never fun unless you fix those roof leaks and shore up any ground water runoffs.

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