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Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

By on July 15, 2014
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Wood and water don’t mix. This should be kept in mind when you decide it’s time to clean your hardwood floor again. Prefinished hardwood floors and hardwood floors that are finished in place are not the same.

Prefinished hardwood floors should be cleaned and waxed with products available from their manufacturers. You should do this to preserve the warranty and the life of the floor. This is because each manufacturer’s cleaner is compatible with the company’s own particular finish.

Use mild solution of soap and water on custom hardwood floors. Tough areas can be cleaned with a 5-percent solution of vinegar-and-water. Again, water and wood don’t mix. So, be sure to mop up excess moisture thoroughly. How often should you clean? We suggest weekly. However, continued use of vinegar can dull a hardwood finish in time.

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