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Cleaning Formula for Fiberglass Bath Tubs

By on February 5, 2015

Q. Recently on your radio program I heard you mention a cleaning formula for fiberglass bath tubs. I didn’t get it all and was hoping you would help me out. I could not understand the first ingredient.

A. We have two formulas that work well on fiberglass tub and shower pans. The first is turpentine mixed with salt and the other consists of automatic dishwasher detergent. Here’s how they work. Mix 2 tablespoons of turpentine into 1/4 cup of regular table salt (any brand). Remember we said turpentine — not paint thinner. Some folks think that turpentine and paint thinner are the same thing — they are not! Anyway, make sure to have plenty of ventilation and wear rubber gloves. Pour the mixture onto the surface and scrub vigorously with a nylon bristle brush. Wipe up the excess cleaner onto a paper towel and let it air dry before you throw it into the trash. If that doesn’t prove to be strong enough try automatic dishwasher detergent — like Cascade — any brand will do.

First, plug the tub or shower drain and fill with water to about one inch deep. Sprinkle and even layer of the detergent over the water and watch it sink to the bottom. Let stand over night. Next day, drain the fixture and use the pasted that’s left to scrub away dirt and stains. Repeat procedure if necessary. And, good luck!

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