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Clean Paint Splatters

By on April 15, 2014
cleaning dried paint on carpet


We painted our bedroom and we spilled paint on our carpeted floor. We didn’t notice the splatters until we started cleaning up. The paint has dried. It is latex. How do we remove it?



Actually it is OK that the paint has dried. In fact, with carpet, it is better to let the paint dry for a few hours before cleaning. Drying will allow you to remove the splatters without spreading the mess. Once the paint is dry you can use facial cleansing pad to release the paint from your flooring. You know, a pimple pad. Simply wipe the pad over the splatter spots. Doing so will help to release then from the surface and make cleaning a breeze. The spots will come right up. Get a great complexion and a paint free floor all at the same time.

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