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Citric Acid Product for Water Heater Annual Maintenance

By on August 23, 2015

Q. About a year ago you told a lady how to do an annual maintenance on her hot water heater. You mentioned using a product that contained citric acid. I did not get the name of the product at the time. If you would let me know the name of the product and where I might find it I would appreciate it. Al C., Cleveland

A. The product to which you refer is called Mag-Erad. It is manufactured by Tri-Bros. Chemical Corp. in Mountain Grove, IL. Mag-Erad is a gas water heater tank cleaning compound. It is a food grade citric acid material devoid of residual taste and odor. Additional ingredients include an inhibitor for protecting tank surfaces and a material which aids in holding the lime scale in solution for draining through the tank opening. You can find the product online or telephone the manufacturer at 847-564-2320.

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